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It’s great that you are here and the you are interested on our English-speaking city tours in Marseille! In addition to our classic tours (ex.: Marseille Discover) , we are always working on new concepts and tours so that we can enjoy the wide range of different interests of our customers.


What’s included?

All city tours are in English and with a professional and licensed guide! You’ll get as well a city map, additional informations, flyers, a lot of interesting stories about Marseille from yesterday and about the contemporary life. If you’ll stay longer in the city, we’ll give you insider hints for your best Marseille-experience.


And what’s excluded?

More transport fees, any entrance fees and of course your personal outgoings.

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CityTours for City Explorer

Marseille is such a diverse city that you would hardly expect! Not only does it have over 2,600 years of history, no, it also has many surprisingly beautiful buildings, monuments, squares and districts to offer, that it’s worth treating yourself to a guided tour and visiting and explore the essential and most beautiful places with your best local guides!


With our classic tours you will see the most important sights that you have to see in Marseille to understand them and maybe even

learn to love this city!

Wich guided city tour is perfect for you ?

Marseille Discover

Whether the old port, the St. John's Fortress, the impressive cathedral or the oldest neighborhood "le Panier"... all started once on the right side of today's old Port! Explore the birthplace(s) of Marseille with CityTours Marseille on a 2- or 4-hour city walk and learn more about the 2,600 years of history, of the actual life of the Marseillais and about the typical French lifestyle! On the 4-hour tour you will enjoy not only the historical places such as the old harbor, the panier or the old fortress, but also the old Arsenal district, you'll have a great view of the offshore islands, a truly beautiful water castle, many different streets, neighborhoods and squares and surely also a culinary surprise.

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Marseille Full Tour

During this 7-hour, full-day city tour offers you, in addition to the historical and classic places, an afternoon program of the less popular tourist highlights of the city of Marseille. Our route to the more intimate city takes us by bus or tramway through the city to the "Bonne Mère", Marseille's landmark, and also to the Unesco World Heritage Site "Le Corbusier". And you shouldn't miss the Palais Pharo! And you can also enjoy the appearance of the local stadium. So: Marseille presents itself almost completely!

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Marseille International

How do you actually live in Marseille? And what makes life here so worth living? Do you really live like “God in France”? Go on an exploration tour with us, meet locals from all over the world and dare to fall for the charm of the city! In 3 hours we cross different very international neighborhoods, observe market activitys, delight in oriental or African scents and peculiarities, see the hustle and bustle of some traders, and live a piece of a real Marseille life!

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our themed tours

There are many ways to get to know a city. With CityTours Marseille you will also find English-language city tours that will take you to places that cannot be found in every travel guide! These themed tours combine various themes of Marseillais’ past and present life.

Immerse yourself in today’s Marseille with its 111 districts, each of which has its own story to tell!

Marseille Taste & Discovering

In addition to exploring streets, buildings and squares, this city tour offers you as well about 5 different local specialists for your taste buds! In 3 hours we cross the old town and try healthy chocolate, a Marseille pastry, drink some wine and/or pastis, snack on the cheese and/or the famous dry salamis, refine our taste with fresh olives and delight in the panisses on this food tour (a local specialty made from chickpea flour). And almost at the same time you will discover shops, other products, districts and the pure Marseille life!
Stimulate all your senses on this food tour!

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Marseille Literary

One of Marseille's most famous sons is the well-known author Jean-Claude Izzo. In each of his novels he sings about his city like a lover, describing the different places in this beautiful city with beautiful words. CityTours Marseille has designed literary city walks that take visitors to a wide variety of locations in the "Marseille Trilogy" and allow them to experience individual text passages.

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Marseille Shopping

This city tour is not just about streets, squares, buildings, etc., but above all about local products! Marseille is a place where there are many creative shops offering goods produced in Marseille. From fashion to soap, perfume and basketry, we wander together through Marseille's shops, where in some places it's not just the products that truly amaze you!
Benefit from our exclusive and full address book and go on a city tour of special interest with CityTours Marseille!

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    Do you now that Marseille is a really melting pot of cultures? During this tour, you’ll travel in different countries …or neighborhoods! 

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    for groups

    CityTours Marseille offer as well a professional tour guide service for your groups! As an panoramic tour or walking tour – Check our services!

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    Marseille have an outstanding culinary reputation…And you’ll taste during this tour some of delicious chocolate, olives, cheese…… Already a watering mouth?

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    Local products, beautiful shops, welcoming craftsmen or woman and in the same time: Discover the city! A perfect couple.



    One of most famous son of Marseille ist the writer J.C. Izzo. Its books describe so nice different places in Marseille and you’ll see why.

    > Izzo Tours



    A 2 or 4 hours walking tour to exploring Marseille Downtown with its beautiful sites, places, people and stories for all Marseille Newcomers!

    > Marseille discover

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