Guided Tour

On the footsteps of Fabio Montale.... A special walking tour.

Follow in the footsteps of Fabio Montale, the protagonist of Jean-Claude Izzo’s Marseille trilogy!
Discover places in the oldest district “Le Panier”, the colorful district around the “Cours Julien”, the impressive old port or the old fishing village “Les Goudes” – Marseille is rich in impressive places!

Explore many places where the book hero Fabio Montale stayed, learn more about the books of Izzo & the history of Marseille and immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan flair of the oldest city in France! CityTours Marseille offer different tours, but all trought of the books of Izzo.

Who is Jean-Claude Izzo and Fabio Montale?

Jean-Claude Izzo (1945-2000) was born in Marseille in family of Italian and Spanish immigrants. His mother was born in a working-class area of Marseille, Le Panier. He was a member of the Communist party from 1966 to 1978. He was a journalist, a poet and a writer. It’s important to know his background to understand his most famous character, Fabio Montale.


Based on a trilogy of crime novels that Jean-Claude Izzo wrote in the early 90s, Fabio Montale adapts the story of a compassionate, honest yet stone-cold detective on the brink of retirement as he solves murders and tries to clean up the dingy underworld of Marseille, named on this time “French Connection”.

You can read a wonderful review of the “Trilogy of Marseille” right >here

How are the tours organized?

During these tours, we explore various places that are described in the book. Once at hese places, we stop  and you will listen to the guide, who read some passages of text, that describe these specific places. An in the same time, you learn something about the history of Marseilles as well.

The main district for the most important places is the oldest neigborhood “Le Panier”. But there a more awsome places further away from the city center, that you can see during the fill day tours.

All tours include stairs and some breaks are offered. The prices depend on the number of participants and all tours are of course individually negotiable.

We will be happy to send you detailed tour descriptions by email.
Not included: tickets, lunch, tips


Differents tours


2H Walking Tour
> Old Port
> Arsenal > Opera
> Panier District > Old Port

from 25€/person
(at least 5 participiants)


4H Walking Tour
> Panier > old Port > Noailles
> Cours Julien
> Opera > Arsenal

from 35€/Pers.
at least 5 participants)


6H Walking & public Bus
> Arsenal > Opera > Les Goudes > Cours Julien > Noailles > Panier
> old Port

from 60€/Pers.
(at least 5 participants)


8 hours Van/Walking
custom tour
> Hotel > Nordviertel > Marché aux Puces > Panier > Cours Julien > Les Goudes >Old Port >Arsenal&Oper > Hotel
Price apmt.(up to 7 Pers.)

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