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This city walking tour  is perfect for all curious visitors, who would like to discover Marseille for the first time. In 2 hours you can explore the most beautiful sites near the old port. And in 4 hours we enter a little more into the city.

And you can find out here, what exactly this experience give up to you:

What exactly you'll see?

We'll meet at the old port or I pick up you at your hotel near the harbor. After the first impression of the many beautiful boats and after visiting the fish market (in the morning) we can take a look at the old Roman harbor fortification walls.

A stop at the oldest house in Marseille and the ancient hospital is a must before we have to climb some steps to get up to the oldest neighborhood in Marseille, called "Le Panier". The ascent is rewarded by an almost village-like tranquility that we can enjoy while crossing a lot of narrow streets. Another stop is the old Charité, where we can have a little break. In the Paniern you'll find typical shops for amazing local products. Somes of them invited for tasting.

Then our path continues to a beautiful panoramic terrace near to a old romanesc church "St. Laurent". A must-see photo stop as we will have a magnificent view of the old port. In the immediate vicinity is the Saint John Fortress, which we can reach and admire over a small bridge. Another bridge then leads us to the roof of the new landmark: the MUCEM, the new museum with its amazing architecture!

After visiting the extraordinary architecture of the MUCEM and the Mediterranean Villa, the path leads us to the largest cathedral in France, which shines majestically in front of the sea.
The city tour ends here.

It goes without saying that we will give you even more helpful insider tips for your further stay! A notice! This tour is a walk that includes some stairs so you should be reasonably able to walk.

What's included?

What's not?

And how mutch cost this tour?

per person from: 30€

* for the 2 hours discover tour and for groups with up to  5 people

The basic price of €150 must be paid up to 5 people.

If there are more than 5 people, an additional €20 per person must be paid.


> > On Sundays and public holidays: Count 30% more


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